Home sweet home

I am back from a three week journey in Toronto and my ass is sore. I got to see many old friends, made some new ones, discovered what Korean food was, and found a rarity in Canada…….soul food. It was no American southern style soul food or the kind grandma use to make while chain smoking but it did the trick.

I arrived at my place to find my older brothers watching basketball, a sight very common in the Hill household. I wrote down the name Spadina and told them to pronounce it. Much like myself they said “spa-dee-na” and I had to inform them that according to Canadians we are wrong. Then we discussed the random ‘u’ thrown into perfectly u-less words like flavor, honor, and neighbor.

I had one more Canadian thing I wanted to test on my brothers and gave Jesse a box of Smarties. Now these are not to be confused with the other American Smarties which, if you are an American child, you will have 5lbs of at the bottom of your Halloween pillow case. No these Canadian Smarties are what Jesse calls “the poor mans m&m”. And they are. The chocolate shell is too hard, the inside chocolate too chalky. My favorite part of this experiment, and hanging out with my brothers in general, are the conversations involved.

Stephen: What are you eating?

Jesse: Some Canadian candies.

Stephen: Is it good?

Jesse: NO

Stephen: Then why are you still eating them?

Jesse: Cuz I’m almost finished.

Some people might have something like taste or flavor deter them from eating something but not Jesse. He has always been a trooper when it comes to food. Not very long ago I bought him a mystery bag of Doritos. I tried them and they were nasty. He agreed but continued to eat the whole bag with this look of disgust on his face. Then he folded the bag and threw it in the trash saying “don’t ever buy that flavor again”.

If he would eat those I wonder what nasty flavored Canadian chips he would eat? I personally think he just has Tootsie Rolls on the brain 24/7.


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