The art of jank

Anyone could go on a trip and send postcards or bring back a crazy bag of chips but it takes a good friend, like me, to bring back jank. If you are unfamiliar with jank you shouldn’t be, I am sure you got many jank gifts for Christmas or your birthday. It is pretty much anything cheap and/or of no use but has a certain charm to it. It could also be defined as things your mom would love like a Hot Diggity!

Amanda loves jank and loves dachshunds so this seemed like the perfect jank gift. This particular one is Jewish which should always remind her of Shalome.

I am not sure if its because she is from Modesto but Amanda is pure jank. Her love of wiener dogs, unicorns, and vampire romance novels says it all. Loving jank differs from white trash. White trash folk have a fondness for Looney Toons and/or Winnie the Pooh characters enough to get a tattoo or put Tweety on their sweat pants. Also sweat pants are in their wardrobe rotation. A person who appreciates jank loves the random and odd, like Chris and the gift I got him in Toronto.

You won’t find that little guy on any sweaters.


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