Back to Africa

Today I notice the music industry is in a very homogeneous state,which is a good thing. You will see rock stars, rappers, and Tony Danza all in one happy video. Everyone is a winner! We are all equal, we are all the same. We all have the same goals and dreams, its cute but where is the pizzazz? Now I remember when the back to Africa movement of the late 80’s/early 90’s came out, that was fun. Today people hear Erykah Badu talk about her uterus and being a vegan and think thats Afro-centric. Oh no! It was much more fun than that, and even crackers got involved!

It was about wearing clothes you think Africans wore and singing songs about the motherland even though you were born in Cleveland. Having pride in a country you couldn’t be paid to live in and wearing an African medallion was not only fun but a way of life for some folks. Remember Arrested Development?

Yeah, I barely remember them as well. But I do recall they were fun. Look at them, how could they not be fun? These people were different, not quite hippies but not normal either. Their clothes didn’t match and they wore funny hats. Lisa Bonet dated them and I am 90% sure they smoked marijuana. In a world of N.W.A and 2 Live Crew these were the colored people you weren’t too scared of, yet you still wouldn’t invite them to dinner because they would not shut up about their ideas, and trust me, they ALL have ideas. Even the more hardcore ones didn’t scare you as much as they just talked too much.

But they were fun to watch. They were different and I liked them and miss them dearly. You can keep your Commons and other streetwise preachers, I want my wacky wardrobe Afro hippie rappers. But i guess I will settle for my ever growing racist jank collection.


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