Jankys drink of choice

I have a fondness for booze.I also have a fondness for things a bit unsettling so it’s no wonder I have a love of oyster shooters. These gems come in different forms. At any hillbilly party they are raw and served with beer and hot sause, the Mexicans prefer them grilled and served with beer and hot sauce. My Scottish friend Ryan mentioned something about them being served with whiskey. All, I am sure, are delicious but I prefer mine a bit more over the top. I get mine from Nishiki Sushi.

Though at times this place has very slow and crappy service the food is fresh and the place is clean. I have many friends that hate fish and can not stand the smell but they join me at Nishiki because the smell is not bad. Thats freshness! Anyways back to my drinks, Oyster shooters!!! These particular beauties are served with a raw oyster, hot sake, a dab of sriracha chili sauce, scallions, the yolk of a quail egg, and something else maybe.

lucky numbers one and two

It looks like something you find in your toilet after a party (or as Amanda calls them “a science experiment gone wrong”)but it tastes like victory!

number three

Amandas favorite picture

After five of these (my usual number,I’m superstitious) I am good to go. Of course these things always lead to a mild belly ache and slight paranoia (for example I swear the waitress was calling me a drunk when she asked if I wanted two more shooters) but I am willing to let that slide. Oyster shooters are what jank is all about. They are too complicated to be the drinking choice of a hobo yet not classy enough to cost more than $5. Its like an appetizer and drink rolled into one. Unlike Bloody Marys you can never be too full to ingest one(or five).


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