Canada candybar catastrophe

Canada is a lovely town. The natives keep to themselves and they pride themselves on things like ice skating while swinging a stick around. It’s adorable. They make genuine attempts at Mexican food. Nasty but cute. Everything in Canada is second rate to me.  There beers, cigarettes, and candy bars seem like generic versions of what I am use to. Like many past relationships I am settling. Something about Canadian chocolate is wrong. Is it just me? Well, let’s find out shall we?

I brought home a few candy bars from Canada. I am not sure if Coffee Crisp is a Canadian thing because it claims to be a proud sponsor of the NFL but since I can only find them is Canada its on the list. I noticed all the candies except the Coffee Crisp are made by Cadbury. Cadbury makes those nasty easter eggs and hollow rabbits so I knew this wasn’t gonna be fun. With the help of my assistant and fellow jank lover Mandy-Rae  we attempted to find Shalomes favorite Canadian candy. First up crunchie.

This is the worst excuse for a snack I have ever encountered!! Sponge toffee? What is that? Eating this was actually painful. I got the shivers as I bit into whatever sponge toffee is suppose to be.Its like biting into styrofoam. Amanda was not impressed either.

And she likes chocolate!

Next we tried the Coffee Crisp which we both agreed was just okay and the Crispy Crunch which Amanda called “the hippies Butterfinger” and I called “like a 5th avenue but not good”. Then we get to the Wunderbar. Oh the Wunderbar!!!! This magnificent piece of art makes me sooooo happy. I am not sure why either. Canadian chocolate leaves a bad after taste and the caramel gets stuck on my braces but both of those with an addition of peanut butter……magic!

I think I found the official jank candy! It looks funny, its spelled funny, and it leaves a funny aftertaste but I likes it! This is the Twilight/Wunderbar season.


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