Red Lobster

I, Shalome Anita-Leigh Hill, am a fan of many things. Not the cinema, or art, or fine dining, or culture/Shakespearean literature/South American countries/or such high brow nonsense. Nope. Not this lady. I enjoy the simpler things:bacon, naps in my yard, putting silly outfits on my pets, doing the roger rabbit, and of course red lobster. Red Lobster is where a vagabond can be a king! (I treat my women right!)

Sure, after one Ultimate Feast I am in a seafood coma and vow never to eat there again but just give me a few weeks.Red Lobster has many seafood sensations to choose from. My favorite items are the crab legs.( such sexy legs!)

Eating snow crab legs is a workout. Stay back, things get messy. I feel like a miner in search of gold. I feel a bond with John Sutter. Its hard work but well worth it when you taste the delicious meat inside. If i could some how get paid for this hard work.( go shalome go!!!)

Delicious and affordable. And  let us not forget the clientele. Red Lobster is one of the few places you can see a table full of cowboys (hats and all), kids running around in swim trunks, and a pregnant woman in stripper shoes all dinning in one place.It doesn’t matter if you are in America or Canada you will find sea creature decor top notch. (janky bibs and fish seats, eh?)


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