I like musicals

I may be hanging with Amanda too much lately but my hidden love of musicals is starting to leak out. Instead of boring you with my take on West Side Story or The Sound of Music (trust me, if you know me long enough I will get drunk and sing the soundtrack, or better yet play them on my recorder)

No no, I will leave for another time. But tonight I was in the mood to watch a musical so, for my two readers I decided to watch the jankiest musical possible. So now, my friend, let me introduce you to Jesus Christ Superstar!!!!

This 1973 musical is a pretty accurate version of the life and times of my buddy Jesus Christ. Well, pretty accurate if Jesus was freakin gorgeous, danced with hippies, had a bit of an ego, and looooooved funk music! Actually….hmmmm.  But a few things threw me off and made me question it’s historial accuracy. Okay why is Jesus white, Judas black, and Mary Magdalene Hawaiian? Did all this take place in America? Since when was Pontius Pilate a nerdy Jew with a Beatles haircut? And lets not even get into the bus they all arrived in. Imagine Jesus driving a bus….pah-lease!

So Jesus, when did he look so good and have such a magical voice?

meow!!! Watch out though, Mr. Christ is prone to mood swing (like someone else I know (ryan)).

Some of the highlights for Shalome:

-Jesus going into a rage and knocking things over and breaking stuff. Reminded me of a party I once had where Dave got mad at me for some reason I won’t get into and decided to knock chairs and the table over. Party foul!

-One of the apostles telling Judas to “cool it man” after he puts down Mary.


-The sexual tension between Jesus and Mary. Steamy!

-The sexual tension between Jesus and Judas. Steamier!

-King Herod and his man boobs.

– The trial of Jesus was such a lovely song.

-Pontius and his velvet cape, he is such a dandy.

-When Judas come down from heaven with his posse of sexy angels and sings to Jesus.

So what if i cried when Judas dies. You know, I have always felt Judas got a bum rap. He wasn’t THAT bad. He felt bad for what he did you know. You forgave Peter, and according to this movie, Peter had bad hair and ugly clothes while Judas…well…

He can sing!


One Response to “I like musicals”

  1. Ryan Oakley Says:

    My mood does not swing. It rocks.

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