The Jank of Art

Today my brother Stephen stopped by and we discussed my new low tolerance to alcohol. This is something not acceptable in the Hill family. We have generations and generations of drinkers. Anyways as we were talking a I noticed a fly buzzin round my head trying to seek my attention. While telling Stephen about my sober friends I reached up and caught the fly. He just looked unamused and said “well I guess your senses are stronger now”, then he bought me a six pack. Good times.

On to jank and jank related activities. The other day, while drinking coffee, I fell in love. I looked over and saw the newest member of the Shalome jank family. Let me welcome, my new pet, Davy Junior jr

This metal chihuahua is just what my house was missing. Twice already I accidentally kicked it and cut my foot. Love causes pain, as my mom always said. Davy jr does not like the new Davy.


One Response to “The Jank of Art”

  1. Mandy Says:

    OMG. that is totally mr. Miyagi shit! (karate kid)

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