Janky Pets

For as long as I could remember I have never had a normal pet. Most people have cats that are scared of strangers. Two of my neighbors have informed me that Bruno walks into their homes randomly and they feed him. My cat is cheating on me! I treat Bruno right, buy him loads of food, toys, a bed, and his own playhouse yet he insists on sleeping in my sink.

He also insists on eating Davys food,even though he has a bowl full of cat food.

Look at that face! He knows he isn’t suppose to be eating that. And the fact that he is sitting up is unusual. Normally Bruno just lays next to the dog bowl dipping his head in every now and then to eat a pebble. And what does Davy do about this? Nothing! She is too busy posing for pictures every time she sees me pull out the camera.

She is the most prissy brat I have ever met. She swears shes all that! Where would she get that kind of attitude? Her hobbies include barking at nothing, biting toes, and being scared of squirrels.

I have a big back yard for playing and sleeping full of shade but where is Davy?

Basking in that little corner of sun. Shes tanning! I tan in my yard in the sun as well. Soon she is gonna get my haircut and sleep with my boyfriend! Whore! I have spent so much money getting them shots to keep them healthy, buying them expensive food for their sensitive digestive systems, buying them toys and showing them love and what do I get back? One of them pooping in my suitcase (not the nice one thank God).

I even gave them each beds and their own houses to lay in but they insist on sleeping in the middle of the hallway where you have to step on them. Whats next? Sleeping in the kitchen while I’m trying to cook?



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