Mission to church.

Mission failed.

I decided,for research purposes,to attend a church other then my own (if I ever succeed in my mission you will see why). For this mission I decided to attend St. Jude’s Christian Tabernacle.

Now, if I really thought about things I should have known this mission was doomed to fail. Firstly, going to church for reasons other than to worship God, maybe not a good idea. Secondly St. Jude is known for being the patron saint of lost causes which should have given me an idea of the type of people attending.Thirdly, I have never been comfortable with the term tabernacle. It just sounds crazy.

Now my church,Immaculate Conception,now thats a church name I can relate to.

I have concepted immaculately a number of times. At my church there are old people and sorrow. You stand,sit,stand again,kneel,stand,sit,then leave. There is no singing,no dancing,just praying. St. Jude’s,on the other hand, party city! Normally this would not be a problem but since I have been out of the party scene for a while now I just found myself unnerved and scared. The majority of the people were young, There was tons of singing and quite a few people feeling the spirit. Now I like singing, and sometimes I even feel the spirit but I am not use to people shaking like they are having a seizure and ladies running through the church like they are in a marathon. I sat in the back row, a bit nervous but okay. That is until this old man in a pin stripped suit popped out of nowhere right behind me and shouted “PRAISE THE LORD” right into my ear scaring me and causing by stomach to drop. So, like most cowards I grabbed my purse and ran to my “safe place”.

So,after 15 minutes in a normal church I spent another glorious day given to me by God drinking my iced tall soy peppermint mocha and thinking about Jesus.I don’t think he minds.


One Response to “Mission to church.”

  1. chrissy Says:

    you’re going to hell, you know.

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