Today vs Yesterday

Yesterday was amazing for lil’ Shalomiekins. First I visited my orthodontist who complimented me on my teeth cleaning abilities (see mom,I can accomplish something!).He was even kind enough to pose for picture.

Even better he yelled at the dental assistant and told him exactly what angle he wanted the picture to be taken.Everyone wants to be a star.After being complimented on my teeth,sweater,and purse I decided to go next door to Del Taco for dinner. Del Taco is not my favorite place but I could eat there. I could also eat a donut off the floor. Del Taco is not a place one decides to go,you just end up there somehow.What I do admire is the size of their medium drinks.

So after my tacos and bucket of root beer I headed home for a nap and a House marathon. Good day.

Now for today….

I woke up feeling like my father punched me in the mouth. Having your braces tightened doesn’t hurt at first. The pain creeps up on you much like an ass raper. I can’t even close my mouth which means I will be drooling for the next few days. Then I had to take Davy to the vet for her shots. She got scared and decided she was going to embarrass me by pooping and pissing all over the place. The other people at the vet were holding their tame chihuahuas and looking at me like I am a bad parent. I don’t think yelling “David! You are embarrassing me!!!” helped much. Then I took Matt to lunch where he enjoyed watching food fall out of my mouth as I moaned in agony. Then I got some “medicine” which I may smoke later depending on if I feel like being paranoid for the next 8 hours. In the mean time dressing up Davy might cheer me up.


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