Bruno is a jerk!

Picture it, Oak Park-2008. I am laying in bed when I am startled by a loud squeak and some sort of havoc in my yard. I try to ignore it but Davy starts barking so I go to check the situation. I assume its a hobo digging in my trash again,they ALWAYS wake me up. I find Bruno wrestling with what I first assume was a branch with leaves on it. Then it starts flapping its wings. A fuckin bird! A cute singing songs to wake you sleeping heads kinda bird. I grab a broom and come to the rescue of ol’ chirpy. I know I should let nature take its course but I’m not trying to raise a killer. Moths and flies are one thing,but a bird? Thats messy. Plus it makes noises that I could not bare to hear as I try to sleep. So after attacking Bruno with the broom he lets the bird go and I throw him in the house for a good grounding and talkin to. Now I am not sure if I just saved the birds life or if he is laying in my driveway in agony hoping for death. I guess we will find out tomorrow. For tonight I will be going to bed thinking I did the right thing.

I guess a hard night of killing can be exhausting. Bad Bruno!


2 Responses to “Bruno is a jerk!”

  1. amie Says:

    Did the bird end up dying?

  2. jankypanky Says:

    nope. the bird got away,thanks to me!

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