Dreams about Dave

Even thought Dave died in April of 2006 I still have dreams about him. At first my dreams were about missing him and being sad. Now I have dreams that he comes back and I have to catch him up on current events. Once I had a dream where I was telling him that Clinton and Obama were running for president and both stood a good chance of winning. Though he is conservative he was happy (maybe for me) that a woman and/or a black man had a chance of winning. I also remember a dream where he was laughing at me for watching a movie called Snakes on a Plane. It was good! Last night I had a dream where I was showing him how to use my ipod. I told him I still had some of his cds and he could put them on my itunes and we would buy him an ipod of his own. He was a bit overwhelmed. At least once every two weeks he is in my dreams and I update him on my life, or the life of my friends and family, or current events. Maybe it is a way for me to remember things as well. I enjoy them.


One Response to “Dreams about Dave”

  1. chrissy Says:

    sweet. dave was like the beastmaster, wasn’t he?

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