Farewell Target

There are many things I will miss about Sacramento.

There are five things I will miss about Sacramento. My three friends and numerous family members, all the trees, Jimboys, Sacramento summer nights, and most of all the Target on Broadway.

This has been my “safe place” for the past at least 13 years now. I remember stealing cat collars and using them as bracelets in the 10th grade. Not to worry, I have paid them back with my soul. I once heard a person say “every time I leave Target I feel liked I just been raped,but in a good way”. Target is my drug. When I walk through those doors I suddenly become happy. All my worries just fade away. And the smell. Target smells like magic! (Amanda smells like magic too)

Amanda and I have been “Target Buddies” for a few years now. She understands and even shares in my obsession with this magical land.

She was there for me during my black only widow days and I was there talking her into buying House DVDs. She also let me know I was no longer extra small. I blame my current obsession with sweet things.

I have tried to explain Target to people but they just do not understand. Target is everything good about the world.There is no race,no religion,no social class,only spooktacular saving! Need bread? A bike? Teen Wolf on DVD? Adult diapers? Target has what you need!! Target even has things no one needs but wants anyways because it is there (such as a graduation teddy bear I bought for my brother when he graduated high school last year which he left sitting on top of my tv). Target, out of everyone in the world you are by far the best, I will think of you everyday.

Oh, and I guess I will also miss the cutest shopping buddy ever,Mandy Rae.

“Check out those savings!”


2 Responses to “Farewell Target”

  1. mandy Says:


  2. chrissy Says:

    i definitely miss jimboy’s.

    target… eh.

    that was always more of amanda’s thing, although i always did enjoy their deals on fizzy water and frozen pizzas.
    uh, you’ve been shoppng at wal-mart? i went to wal-mart with my dad right before i left for here and let’s just say that it was a bit of a ‘cultural experience’. and by ‘cultural experience’, i mean white trash, of course there was the requisite young mother loudly stating to her child in a weird, trashy, twang that ‘i’m gonna take you outside an’ spank you!” and i witnessed several overweight women shopping in those motorized wheelchairs, one of them actually got stuck in a tight ailse corner and kept bumping into everything and finally stood up, thus proving she was indeed mobile, and re-configured her wheelchair so she could get out.

    i’m sure canadian wal-marts aren’t as trashy though.

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