Goodbye Boys

Alec took me out for a impromptu going away drink after spending the day helping me sell the car. It was not as easy as we thought. I learned that Alec is not a pussy when it comes to mechanics as he replaced my battery. We spent the whole day driving through town taking care of business while discussing the emotional impact of Kid N’ Play on our childhood.

Then we met up with Armando and I was forced to listen to a long long conversation about Rocky. Alec was anti-Rocky while Armando was pro-Rocky. Then it was Shalomes time to shine (mainly cuz I was paying for drinks)

One of the sweetest moments was when Alec said “something is going on in my chest. I don’t know,I think I might miss hanging out with you or something”.

Or something.

And when Armando said “I won’t see you again? Like,ever ever again? That’s kinda sad”.


Another nice thing Alec said (as a going away gift) was “you know Shalome,you look good for almost 30. I’d fuck you! I mean if you didn’t have a boyfriend and I didn’t have a girlfriend and I was really drunk…..I mean REALLY drunk!”



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