In Canada

Well I would like to say I feel at home in Toronto but my experience these past two weeks say different. I have resorted to shopping at Wal-Mart, a shop I never shop at, because of their lack of Targets. It is NOT the same and never will be. The toasty sun that give you that warm under the blanket feeling is nothing but a blinding light here. And in the past week I have had two separate but scary incidents involving a centipede.


Never in my life have I seen such a scary creature in my bathroom. Nothing should have that many legs. I have also been proposed to numerous times by cab drivers and ate a few sad excuses for tacos.

On a brighter note I am happy we chose the right person for the job (unlike some cynics I know but shall not name-Ryan) and I am looking forward to more brown people on tv. I would like to thank my friends back home for voting,my family who have always supported my dreams, my Scottish and Irish friends for lending there support, the man upstairs, and you!




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