Damage Control


Bruno is in heat and not taking it well. When he is not pressing his face on every window possible trying to get out he is crying at the front door. I, too, am a bit stressed. I really need a job and a better sleeping schedule. Davy just lays on the couch and watches us. I have decided by 7pm there is really nothing I can do for the day so I should just sit back and relax. One thing that helps is the art of Chris Lewis.


This is a lovely piece with a nice photo of my ass in grocery bag underwear. I do not even recall taking such a picture but it is good to know things like this are floating out there. I hope this does not get in my way of becoming president of Canada.


This was in honor of my fleeting childhood. I think he really captured my innocence and charm.

These are the things that help me relax and realize life is good. If anyone else wants to interpret Shalome I would be honored.

And thank you for making me feel special Mr. Chrissy.


One Response to “Damage Control”

  1. chrissy Says:

    oh, i’m touched that you took the time and reserved space in your big caravan of jank for my artwork to be transported all the way to toronto. touched. really, i’m glad there’s some concrete documentation of my half-assed, short-lived attempt to be some sort of ‘outsider’ artist. or something. may the shining beams of light from your yellow plastic bag thong cut through that canadian coldness!

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