Canadian Politics

There is some zaniness afoot here in Canada. Canadian newscasters are taking to the streets and bars to interview people about politics,which is a bad sign. Monty,the drunk at O’Malley’s ,is not pleased with President (Prime Minister) Harper cuz he promised something and did something else. Something happened and I am not even sure he is in charge anymore. I am lost. Ryan was kind enough to take some time to try and explain whats happening. A week later and the above is what I learned. But of course if there arent vampires or housewives involved I quickly lose interest. The one thing keeping me from totally giving up on this whole political nonsense is one devilishly handsome French Canadian by the name of Stephane Dion.


This is what I imagine him looking like while asking for some sweet Shalome loving. Of course I could not understand him with his thick accent. He is the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and my heart. Dion is what happens when a lost puppy meets a senior citizen that messed his pants and they form a unicorn. Everytime he speaks I am confused yet pleased. He doesn’t have to make sense because ,like a toddler trying to explain a movie ,he tries. He tries.

So that,my friend, is what is going on today in Canada. Harper is in trouble and Dion, his nemesis, is the cutest muppet alive.Perhaps Stephen Harper should lose some weight,look sad,and pronounce his first name differently(changing the way you say your first name worked for Steve Urkel).

(Once I actually learn something I will try to make some sense of this mess)


One Response to “Canadian Politics”

  1. Engramic Says:

    heheh 🙂 that was funny 🙂 but don’t try to make some sense while under Dion’s influence 🙂 🙂

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