Snow dog

It is snowing today and though I find it very pretty I also find it annoying and stupid cold. I managed to drop on Bruno at the vet before deciding that is gonna be the only thing I accomplish that involves me putting on pants. Today is a day for bundling up and watching Full House.


Or,like me,playing on the internet and being disappointed. I came across an article from on how you could judge a person based on their dogs breed. I think it is very silly to generalize how I may be based on my Davy. Not everyone with a chihuahua likes binge drinking and hula hoops. My parents had a few dogs as I was growing up and none of them told me my father is a bad drunk and my mother is a compulsive shopper. Not even that pit bull that ended up biting everyone in the house one Easter. He just reaffirmed my belief that the Hill household is full of jerks (myself included).I also found it funny that for most of the dogs the characteristics of the owners were positive. Who would argue with being called outgoing or loyal? Much like astrology, people want to believe they are good and this just gives them more proof of how wonderful they are. I am not only writing this because chihuahua owners were the only ones with negative traits, oh no!

At one point some animal behaviorist explains you should not look at the breed as a whole but the individual dog,thats how you can judge the owner. Even better!!! Davy is a cunt, pure and simple. I love her but she is evil. EVIL!!!! She hates almost everybody,barks at nothing,and makes me chase her in the snow when it is WAYYYY to cold to be playing.


We have nothing in common so please do not judge me or try to figure me out. Perhaps I should have gotten a hippo.


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