Shalome > dogs> food > neighbors.

I came to the conclusion my only true friends may be my pets. I spend 80% of my time watching cable with them and I can’t even complain. Its nice. They let me watch what I want to and if I happen to get drunk and fall asleep in the kitchen they won’t tease me in the morning. There are some perks I miss, such as them bringing me soup when I feel ill (which I do at the moment) or hearing about their day at work.


The few times a person calls and invites me out I go crazy making sure there is no chocolate the dog can get into and they have full bowls of water and food, even when I am just leaving for a few hours. I want them to be alive when I return. I can not say I do the same for my human friends. In fact, I probably do the opposite and set up situations for my friends to get injured for my entertainment, why else do I enjoy buying shots-not because I am nice. When I accidentally step on a pets tail I feel bad but I would punch a friend in a quick minute.

This love for my animals thought came about a few minutes ago as I was watching tv. Whenever the girls upstairs come home or leave they must pass by my door where Davy is there to bark and welcome them or wish them a good day. On this particular visit the girl was coming home and singing quietly to herself (too low for me to make out any words) then as Davy barks I hear “Oh, shut the fuck up!”. So without thinking I rush to the door, open it and say “I can say the same thing”.

I don’t think we will be having lunch anytime soon.

I suppose I can understand where they are coming from. After a long day you don’t wanna hear a yappy dog,sure. But the thing is I don’t care how they feel. What about MY needs? I recall as a kid my mom getting mad when my brothers and I were always running in and out making noises while she was watching General Hospital. She would always say “Stay in or stay out!!”  Now I understand.


Sorry mom.


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