Lately I have been plagued with constant memories of my past. Toronto is nice I suppose but it offers no distraction. In Sacramento I have my brothers constantly bugging me or my friends calling me everyday with drunkie tales. All I wanted was to get away and clear my head. Now that I have done so I want the chaos. My head is full of childhood memories of no importance.

For instance, the story of carnitas. If you say the word carnita around my older brothers and I you can witness three grown ups shiver with fear. We love our mom and if you ask anyone in my whole family who the best parent is Marlene would win hands down. But she also had a dark side. A creepy dark side that involved injuring us for her own amusement. She would ask us “Do you want carnitas?” and no matter what the answer was she would proceed to grab our arm and bite it as hard as she could. Not hard enough to draw blood, she wasn’t insane. Just hard enough to make us cry and leave bite marks. To this day we never asked her why, and if my brothers are anything like me we never asked for fear of receiving one. By the time Robert and Eric were born she gave up on carnitas and began the era of fake kisses (this involved asking my little brothers for a kiss and when they leaned in to give her one she would turn her head and say “Nope,nevermind.” This drove them mad and would make them attack her with kisses). A more cute and painless game but does not teach a life lesson. Carnitas taught you to not always accept what you are offered, it may hurt.


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