2009: So far so good, atleast compared to last year.

I managed to make some wonderful accomplishments in 2008 while still setting the bar low for myself. Some of the good things include getting an A in English 1C, quitting drugs by summer time, moving to a different country, finally selling the car, cutting the fat from my friends list, finding an AMAZING traveling partner


making new friends in cold places, getting myself motivated to cook, and meeting a nice guy that is not jealous of my pets and/or dead husband. Some lows in 2008 include hanging with drug dealers will 7am when I have an orthodontist appointment at 9am, my birthday party or what I refer to as “the moment the laughter stopped”, failing Algebra twice, that one night I woke up on an ottoman in Scotland, that one night I woke up on the hood of a car in a garage in Canada, those few times I passed out in my yard, my other traveling partner,and that extra weight I put on at the tail end of 2008, as a gift for all my friends.

I would say this is one of my better years but anything before 2006 is a blur and some recent events i shall not get into have compromised my winning streak.

recent events:

But I have dreams, winning dreams. Just tonight I baked my first chocolate chip pecan pie. I am taking classes and finding hobbies that don’t include getting my nails done (which I still do but a lot less) or drinking alone in my bathroom. I threw my California pride away and decided to take a job where I can find it, even if it is a bit janky. I have even matured enough to realize I can be friends with fat people,whether it be their body weight or size of their ego, like this canadian asshole.


I think 2009 just might work for me. Of course it will take baby steps and I will fall a few times but hopefully I won’t be wearing a wedding dress and I won’t be falling into strange beds.


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