Back to school.

When I moved to Canada I did so telling everyone it was for college. Secretly I hoped I was done with college and learning in general. My last two years of school in Sacramento was one long blur. I have been in college since 1999 changing my major four times and taking a good ten-fifteen classes I did not need but thought I would enjoy (psychology of death and dying,English based on evil behavior,and anthropology of magic-witchcraft-and religion I am looking in your direction). By the time 2005 rolled around I had taken every psychology class on campus and decided sociology was the way to go. Of course many of these classes repeat theories and books so by 2007 I was rereading the same stories and turning in the same essays I wrote years before. If I have to write one more paper titled “What is Race?” I might punch someone in the face, and that someone would be me.


Now I am told that “hanging out” is not a good reason for the Canadian Government to allow folks to stay in their country. You either must have job or go to school but to get a job you must obtain a social insurance number and to get that number you must have a nice job. My only other option, back to school.

That is what I decided. All I have to do is sign up for a course which one would think is a simple matter of going to school and giving them money. These people never lived in Canada. Accomplishing ANYTHING in this country is almost impossible. I’ve gone to George Brown three times already and walked away more and more confused. I believe in Canada they hire the person that knows the least. If you are at a book store you are met with people allergic to paper and manners. I have been served by bartenders that dislike alcohol. At school I have talked to three people that know nothing about applying for a full time course. They ask me a few questions at first, just so you think they are being helpful, then they stare at a blank computer screen (or possibly one with an lolcat in a wacky situation) and say “do you think you can come back tomorrow?”

Now, I do not want to make this yet another post about how lame Toronto is but…. BOOOOOOO TORONTO!!!!!


I can put up with a lack of manners, I’ve been to Southern California. But rudeness AND incompetence? And this from a group of people that have low regard for their fellow countrymen. Well I never met a Newfie that hated when I smiled at them and  lost my business.

I suppose what I am saying is please Toronto, get off your high moose and learn a thing or two about what you are in fact suppose to be paid to do.

February is nearing and I have given up on George Brown this semester, taking private music and language lessons on my own. That Harry Potter binder is just gonna have to wait a few more months and I won’t to able to share tales of bullies throwing me in a locker.

Canada is the father that has such high expectations for his house guests while his children are lazy slobs, yeah I SAID IT!


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