Book Snail

Recently a friend posted on Facebook a list of 100 popular books and asked how many we have read. If someone read all 100 (and I am sure Amanda is close) then they get to feel morally superior. From the comments he received I would say the average number read was around 40, with many people having read more. I read 14. I was hoping the Harry Potter series would count as seven so my number wouldn’t be so low. I am not sure why I have not read more books, I own more. I have found myself watching re-runs of shows I saw the night before instead of reading. I need to change this.

Even though I spend most of my time watching TV shows on DVD I think I can sacrifice an hour or so each night to reading. From now on I will dedicate myself to reading one book a month. Now don’t laugh you better than thou assfaces, I know that is not a lot but baby steps. With listening to my French CD for homework, practicing the clarinet, going to the YMCA, and baking sweets for my sweetie, I think one book is enough.

I will also post the book of the month so you can feel a little closer to me, like you are cuddle up on the couch with me and Davy reading.

Book of the month for March: The Right Thing to Do: Basic Readings In Moral Philosophy by James Rachels .


(Trust me, it is simpler than you think)


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