Who needs love when you got a sonic screwdriver?

I have recently been put in a situation where a person close to me attempted to bully me and humiliate me via Facebook. I must admit if this were to happen a year ago and I was still in Sacramento this would be the story of the century. Mutual friends would take sides preparing for battle. I would pull out all my weapons and plan a deliciously painful attack. After weeks of fighting I would celebrate my victory with a drink at the lovely Old Tavern with some gays and Amanda, another tale to tell at dinner parties. This situation is different. I don’t want to react. I want to move on. So I will with an even better story, that of The Doctor and Donna Noble.


I am so happy that for the first time in the new series The Doctor is paired with a companion that isn’t a young girl with a high school crush. I am not stuck having to listen to the companion grieve over love to some creature whose home planet is being destroyed by the Daleks. I don’t have to sit through awkward almost kisses and accidental hand touches. I would actually like it if the Doctor had another male companion that lasted more than two episodes. For now Donna is good enough, she is funny, loud, caring, and wears reasonably flat shoes. She manages to put the Doctor in his place when he is being uncaring and she brought along a suitcase (or five) when boarding the TARDIS. Smart! She seems to have many American traits which I like and she doesn’t need love.

Note: I have only finished the first disk of Series 4 and have the right to change my mind at any time.


6 Responses to “Who needs love when you got a sonic screwdriver?”

  1. horatiohno Says:

    Are you aware of the hate that woman causes over here?

    This series was the one where I started making an effort to watch the show instead of catching bits and pieces of reruns, so I always thought I gave her a little more leeway than other Dr Who fans, but acting-wise, she’s incredibly patchy, and when she’s good she’s good, and when she’s bad she’s aaaawwwwfulll. It’s almost as if, were you to put all of her ability into a bottle, she’d separate like oil and water; it’s that noticable.

    A lot of people chalked it up to her comedy background – youtube some of her sketches, they’re all uniformally grating.

  2. jankypanky Says:

    I actually like Catherine Tate. I saw her show on BBC America a year or two ago. I couldn’t sit through a whole episode and I still do not understand her catchphrases but it was not terrible. As Donna Noble I think she is wonderful. I was very upset by the way they made Martha Jones. And don’t get me started on Rose. Plus it is nice to see an older lady as a companion. Maybe next time he could get a talking chihuahua.

  3. Matt (poke my hontas) Willis Says:

    So that’s all I am to you? Just one of the nameless, faceless gays in the crowd of Sacramento?

  4. jankypanky Says:

    Willis, you are the ONLY nameless,faceless gay in Sacramento I truly love.

  5. Matt (poke my hontas) Willis Says:

    Bo Jangles, I wish you could teleport back to Sacramento for the day.

  6. Nori Says:

    While I liked Martha, Mickey, Jack and Rose, I LOVED Donna. I loved that she doesn’t walk on eggshells around Ten, I love that she’s very open and honest and blunt, I love that she’s older, and I love that her reactions are so unpredictable.
    With most other companions, separating (as they do in ‘Midnight’) would mean that Ten would have to rescue Donna from some crisis. With Donna it just means that she doesn’t want to spend a huge chunk of time in a flying bus just to see something pretty.
    I love her stuffing her face in ‘Wasp and the Unicorn’ and hanging on the coolness of Ten and Agatha Christie explaining a mystery.
    I love the way she reacted to Jenny and… yeah, could go on awhile here, so stopping now.

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