Girl Power

Today I decided to do a random blog search. looking for new and exciting things to read and hoping they may be Doctor Who related (no such luck). Anyone who has spoken a single word to me knows my feelings about the recent companions of Doctor Who, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones. They are both on the annoying side. Their love for the Doctor gets in the way of saving the galaxy. That being said, I love Rose Tyler and Martha Jones. I think they are real girls and even though they travel through time and space they still have young women Earth problems.


I came across a couple of blogs where girls bitched and complained about not having other female friends. This is a complaint I have heard before and I believe is full of shit. Most of my friends are strong, beautiful, smart ladies. I have enough confidence in myself to not be put in a position of feeling like I am competing with them. I also know a few guys with only female friends and they too can go fuck themselves. I do not understand why someone has the need to feel threatened by someone of their own gender.


I do have a few very close male friends and I love them. They treat me like one of the boys and remind me of why I love having brothers. But it is women (and the gays) that I can really open up with. They listen and understand when I wanna bitch about my uterus or why a boy I have a crush on didn’t call. When we travel we can bond over a shopping spree or dancing at Firewater and seeing a guy that looks like Voldermort. And they always have tampons available.


I have spent many years weeding out the bad seeds and keeping the crazy ones. Crazy girls are good at making you feel normal. Wake up with your pants down in a strangers kitchen? A guy may respond with “What did you do?” while a crazy girl friend would simple say “What shall we get into tonight?”.

Guys are nice but sometimes you men can be pretty boring. Sitting there, mumbling about work, staring at a sports game on the TV at a bar.And ladies, I love you but I can only hear so much about what an asshole your ex-boyfriend is. Unless I ask, don’t tell.I am equally entertained and annoyed by both sexes.

So in conclusion, my friend, it does NOT make you cool or special if you are the only male or female in your group of friends. It makes you a needy attention seeking cunt with issues. I will not date or become friends with men who dislike other men. And if you are a girl that does not like other girls do not date a male friend of mine or a sibling, you WILL be dumped.


One Response to “Girl Power”

  1. chrissy Says:

    i never carry tampons just for the record.

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