As far as politics goes…

America: One step behind in social networking, two steps ahead in social optimism!

I began my online life back in 1997 with a hotmail address. I even remember my very first email address: Of course that things is long  dead but I remember clearly the first few years of being able to fill out the email address line on forms. I was an adult. None of my friends had email addresses claiming it was a faze only used by state workers that will quickly pass.

Then in 2001 came Friendster, which showed photos and comments. I was hooked. I made friends in places like Denmark. Of course my friends here said it was lame and never gonna catch on. It took a while but eventually everyone I knew was Friendster-ing away.Finally we were all on the same page and everything was dandy. That was until all my Scottish friends moved to Myspace.

Then I moved yet again to a site with not only pics but videos as well. It did not take long for my American friends to join in on the Myspace mayhem. I thought that was the end. Oh, no! Canadians changed that for me very fast.

All the Canadians were on Facebook and if I wanted anything to do with them I would be as well. I am not one to stray from the herd so I joined. Then, a year later I am bombarded by fellow Americans looking for a more adult low key social site. And the cycle coninues.

Now I find myself Twittering (honestly I am hoping it will come in handy on a future trip to Quebec). I have three friends so far but I am sure the American public will catch up soon. As you know, we Americans love to give you the play by play of our uneventful day. I shall be hearing about shoe shopping and flu catching any day now.

What we lack in social networking we make up for in optimism. Living in Canada I am constantly hearing about the perils of America. Our new president is the same as the last and we will never change. The economy is going to collapse and we are all gonna die poor and miserable. That is not what I think and my American readers, I don’t think you feel that way either.With Bush in office the Right believed if we persevere  through difficult times we will succeed and with Obama the Left is given hope. Just give him some time, he will do it. No matter what our current situation is there is always a belief somewhere that things will turn out okay.

It may sound to most to be the ramblings of an insane uncle at Christmas but to me it sounds like sweet sweet music. I much prefer the idea of a better life then a goth bitterly crying about no purpose.


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