Spring Fever

Lately I have been in a bit of a pickle with myself. I dislike my hair but I cannot think of a color and style I want. I need more pants but what kind and from where? How should I wear make up? And worse of all why am I , after three years, all of a sudden biting my nails?

In April of 2006 I stopped biting my nails. It was random but not really, I was too busy focusing on other things. Since then I have been known for getting my nails done at least twice a month. But since I had my nails cut for clarinet lessons I have been biting them when they grow. I am very bothered by this. I really hope ALL my bad habits do not reappear. Slowly, however, a few have and most of them are too depressing to discuss (lets just say they involve erotic literature, a crock pot, and Anne of Green Gables). And why all this? Because I need something new, appearance wise. Perhaps something from Davy’s wardrobe.


At least twice a year, usually in Spring and Fall, I need a change in my look or I just fall into a rut. How does one look elegant while wearing converse? Where in Toronto can I go for a natural tan? Why does orange look funny on me? What about highlights?

I would gladly take any suggestions. Help is greatly needed in times like this or I just end up with a bad hair cut and an ugly jacket vest.

Why can’t I be naturally stunning like Bruiser?


Side note: The Doctor Who episode “Warrior’s Gate” was good but the special effects made me dizzy and feel a bit ill. I can’t handle all that camera shaking


3 Responses to “Spring Fever”

  1. Matt (poke my hontas) Willis Says:

    This may or may not work…but may I suggest a new style?

  2. Matt (poke my hontas) Willis Says:

  3. jankypanky Says:

    That is amazing!

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