New Specs!

I wear glasses because I am smart now!

Actually it is because my eye twitches when I look at the computer and/or read. I am not smart. Remember that one book a month idea? Not happening. I dedicated this month to science fiction television and buying shoes. I can’t be bothered with no book learnin’.

Anyway, to keep with the ‘Spring into annoyance’ theme this season I got black framed glasses accented by fake diamond and pink stripes. The inside is also pink.


My reaction when I first spotted them was “oh mighty Jesus, those are gaudy!! Then the more I tried on various glasses the more my eyes wondered back to the tackiness. I am not really a glasses kind of girl. I have the delicate features of a virgin saint and glasses throw my beauty off balance. Luckily these are for reading only.


The guys at the eye glass place said these glasses went very well with my white fur vest and purple UGG’s. Now, instead of looking like a train wreck I look like a smart prostitute fond of thrift stores and freebasing.

I recently tuned into the news channel and I find myself piercing my lips together and nodding in an understanding way. ” Yes, Earth Hour, very good, smart stuff, adult things.”

But do not worry my friends, these glasses won’t change my stunning personality. I won’t become a Canadian bore….


not as long as I got my sweet dance moves!


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