April- my new years

April is the time when my year begins. Winter is ending, the sun is peaking out. Dave died, Davy was born, and my birthday is a reminder that I can no longer use ‘youthful ignorance’ as an excuse for the insane crap I pull. This is the time I decide what courses I will take in the Fall, what places I will visit in the Summer, and what objects in my house will be given away forever leaving my home.

This is when I usually come up with a diet that involves cabbage and a hula hoop. I come out of the winter slump and mail postcards to everyone I know, including the guy in junior high that gave me a toy french horn for a graduation present (I swear I still have it somewhere). My bills become priority and I even manage save money.

Quiet, unsure, timid Shalome turns into the loud, self assured cunt we have all grown to love. And yeah, I look good after a tan and mani/pedi session. So get ready. With the new Shalome will come more pictures and posts about my very exciting fun filled life.


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