My Dog Stinks

Lately I have been trying to escape all the politics and bullshit I see on TV and online. I think one of my pet peeves, along with sweet meats, has to be people bitching about politics.

I find Davy and Bruno more productive and entertaining


At first there is the initial smelling of the area. Much like people, my pets are extremely nosy. They have to know what their neighbors are up to, fuel for their water dish gossip. Then comes to 20 minutes of chasing each other. First Davy chases Bruno across the yard. Then they turn around, switch chaser, and the event happens again. And again. That is until Bruno climbs on something.


You see, Bruno isn’t afraid to get stuff done. No half steppin’ with this one. Instead of bitching and complaining about a society where a dog is free to torment such a handsome cat, he finds dynamic solutions. He pushes the limits and isn’t scared to ask questions, by this I mean he scratches Davy and jumps on everything he sees.

Lets not forget our loyal Davy.


She may come off as loud and annoying but she has the heart of gold and balls of steel. The moment a big scary leaf blew into the yard she ran by my side to bark violently and protect me. That is what a good person or chihuahua does. We help each other out no matter what our differences are. I pick my nose, she licks her butt. In the end we are both two girls with a great dislike of toddlers and sneaky leafs.

These animals are all about action, not boring words.


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