Doctor Who-William Hartnell

I recently got Doctor Who:The Beginning with William Hartnell. The episodes include An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, and The Edge of Destruction. Before watching these episodes I was not familiar with the first doctor but I must say he won me over.


This doctor is old, mean, grumpy, and paranoid. He hates people and just wants to be left alone in a junk yard with the TARDIS. He is not always right, upsetting his granddaughter Susan and the others, but he never apologizes or feels bad for his actions. He reminds me of my dad, who is also very old and stubborn. There is something about old moody men I admire (I am looking in your direction Grumpy Owl)

This doctor also calls people names, laughs at inappropriate times, accuses people of wrong doing, and dresses like a cross between a dandy and Robin Hood. He seems to only get joy out of proving others wrong. I suppose I would be a jerk too if Susan was my granddaughter.


Susan Foreman is suppose to be a teenager attending a normal Earth high school even though to me she looks 30 and act 11 yrs. old. She does not pay attention well, often speaks without thinking, and has a fit and cries at any sign of trouble. Her voice makes my ears bleed.

And after all that she is still not my least favorite companion.


Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright are two of Susan’s schoolteachers that end up on the adventures in the TARDIS. Though they are not a couple they remind me of this couple that lived next door to my grandma when I was a kid. They would come over and sit around drinking coffee and being boring. My brothers and I decided this couples lived in completely empty house with only two chairs which they would sit in and silently stare at each other until they fell asleep. Then they would wake up and come over for coffee.

Though they are different, Ian is skeptical and Barbara believe EVERYTHING, they act the same. Anytime anything strange happens one of them would say the others name like “Barbara?” as if saying “And how do WE feel about this situation?”.

I hate those couples.

*The color photo is taken from here which has amazing colorized photos of the first season.*


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