Buffalo wings in Buffalo NY

I recently took a trip to Buffalo, New York for a few personal reasons,one of them being to try the world famous Buffalo wings. This city claims to have created them and thus having the best in the world. After bugging a few nice folks at the Comfort Inn I took a stroll down to The Anchor Bar.


This place is where it all began, so I hear, and is a big tourist attraction. The place was packed but I was able to find a tiny table in the back. Sometimes it is good to be small and travel alone. I ordered the Hot wings and the Suicidal wings.


The hot wings were not hot but extremely tasty. The suicidal wings were more peppery than hot. I prefered the hot but still decided to buy a bottle of the Suicidal sauce for my male companion. The actual restaurant was very enjoyable. There was an old man singing Sinatra songs and every type of person could be seen enjoying the wings, from the large black family with a mountain of wings on their table to the three suburban girls complaining about their hair and blackberrys at the table next to mine.

Last night I was watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay   where he went to Buffalo to challenge the Wing King to a wing-off at The Anchor Bar, and he lost!

They were not the best wings I ever had but now when I think of The Anchor Bar I drool a little.

Oh, and everyone in Buffalo was extremely nice as well.


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