I’m Baaaaack!

I spent the month of May in lovely Sacramento. This was one of the few trips I have ever taken where being away from home felt like being home. Normally I am on edge, I have a hard time pooping. I miss my couch, and I swear “I will never travel again!!!”. This trip, though filled with stressful events, was pretty calming. And I thank my hosts for this.

First Amanda picked me up from the airport and instantly drives me to Target for great deals on summer items and accessories. We also spent many hours on Gilmore Girls seasons two and three. If there are two things I never get tired of its da girls from Stars Hallow and Target. Though I cannot say I will miss that workout class she dragged me to. A lazy drunk on vacation should NEVER attempt to “get fit”.


(Matty, Mandy, Lauren, and Carlos at ye Olde Tavern)

Then I was blessed with the comedy stylings of one Matthew Willis. Being hung over and filled with shame has never felt so good as when I am in such great company. It was even worth spending $80 on Chinese food just to have half of it spill onto the floor.

With Matthew you get adventure. You get to spend the morning trying to piece together an evening full of new lows. I am not  sure how I ended up on his couch with a rash or a purse full of chocolate condoms but he didn’t even remember I was in town until he saw me drooling on his couch.


Last, and my favorite person, has to be Janell who allowed me to sleep at her place for almost a whole month. A whole month, living with Shalome. That’s not easy. But this just brought our insanity to a new level,bonded together by love of Mexican food and getting tans. We went on many adventures that lead us to exciting places such as the karaoke bar, the liquor store, Matt’s kitchen, and the lake, where we enjoyed libations to our hearts and livers content.


I discovered a new love of Old Sacramento.If you enjoy olde timey candy shops and annoying tourists Old Sacramento is the place to be. It is high class Jankville.

There were also special appearances by such characters as Alec and Armando, Dave Smith and Ed Hunter, da Hill Family, and Kyle-the squirrel that hard mugged me in William Land Park.




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