The arrival of Amanda

Last week my Target shopping companion, Amanda, decided to spend her short summer vacation here in Canada.


We spent our first two days here in Toronto where we drank and watched Twilight. I never realized it was a comedy.If you own this movie might I suggest watching the scene in the car after Edward rescues Bella from the rapist and she tells him to put on his seatbelt. “You put YOUR seatbelt on.!?”


After two days of playing on swings and getting lost in Scarborough we headed off to Montreal. This was our first time in Quebec and I must say the rumors are not true. French Canadians are very pleasant. They were not bothered by our lack of French or our lack of manners. I personally enjoyed the street names.


It was in Montreal where I discovered I did not pack a bra and Amanda discovered the lemon tarts at Second Cup. We walked around trying to avoid all the strip clubs and hordes of teenagers. We ended up eating at a crappy restaurant, running around to avoid the random rain storms, and laying in the hotel room watching some show about lady cops.The hotel room was so big and lovely. It came with a full kitchen, giant beds, and a large plasma tv.

We also did a walking tour and saw old things


Then we were off to Quebec City, the most adorable town I have been in.We stayed at a very cute place where this lovely picture greeted us next to our bed.


In Quebec City we watched a tv marathon of some show where women did not know they were pregnant until they started giving birth. I hope that if some live thing is growing inside of me for nine months or so I would realize it. Of course I do have a healthy dating life and an even healthier drinking life so…


Anyways this room was a bit more intimate. And by intimate I mean hella tiny. There was a strange cat theme going on in the place I found a bit heartwarming and unnerving at the same time.

We also looked at important things here was well.


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