More slacking, now with Doctor Who

I have many old Doctor Who vhs tapes I have been meaning to watch and share with you but it is very hot in my house and instead I spent today eating this giant salad I made and listening to Kate Bush.

But I can tell you something great I did finish watching and that is Torchwood. I have many friends that like to talk smack about this gem of a show but they don’t know, they don’t EVEN know!


I borrowed this sexy pic from this blog which actually gives a good summary of the show while I, Farty McButtStink, would like to focus on the sexiness of Ianto Jones . I have a thing for men in suits and man servants. I know, my heart will always belong to the Doctor but I can still look.

I also have a few things to say to Captain Jack Harkness. Number one: How dare you? Number two: Learn how to stop breaking hearts. I know you aren’t “regular” like the rest of us but that gives you no right to act like a slut!


That is all.


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