Walking with bugs and junk

Though this event took place a few days ago I wanted to wait, as a friend once said about waiting to read Harry Potter, till all the hoopla dies down. I spent last Saturday walking in High Park and I managed to enjoy myself, somewhat. I had a lovely walking companion.


And I think I took some nice pictures of him. I was also joined by spiders and flying bugs that made my mouth their new home. I suppose the whole point of going on these nature walks is to get away from the constant chatter of one Shalome Hill.

I also met this guy


Who looks like me may be a relative of the Hill family. Perhaps my second cousin?

The park was very very pretty even if my companion kept eating everything he found. Though I usually come off as too depressed (lazy) and socially bitter (in need of a cooling box full of food a few feet away from me at all times) I think I am a changed woman. Even the hours of walking didn’t really bother me, at least once I got on my comfy couch I didn’t seem so angry.


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