My Day at the Ex

I went to the Canadian National Exhibition on opening day this past Friday. Opening day had a special admission price of $1.75, that is less than a Toonie. Much like the California State Fair you will find rides, fat kids, and bad music fill this event. I went for the petting zoo.


Animals don’t really care for me much but that never stopped me before. I was as excited at the freaky looking kids I saw petting animals. Then, as I promised myself, I ate a snow cone and a corn dog. Then it was off to Jankville (or International Sellers Section) where I scored this sweet thing.


I also got my usual racist figurines, a beaded hat, some lavender, and a bouquet of wooden roses from a lovely gentleman.

Then is was off to my place for chicken tacos and back yard chillin’.


And this nice day ended with a nap on the couch. Thats how all days should end, tacos and a good nap session.


One Response to “My Day at the Ex”

  1. Ryan Oakley Says:

    That picture does not even begin to do justice to how awesome that cat painting is. It’s 3D! I’m going to buy the Thomas Kinkade. He’s the second best thing to ever come out of California.

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