Cooking Adventure

Last night, as I was suppose to be sleeping, I laid in bed thinking of food. Not because I was hungry but because food preparation stresses me out. It is hard for someone like me to make a simple meal. The usual Shalome dinner takes 4 hours to prepare. And a majority of the time I am not even hungry after all that effort. I usually grab a Mr. Sub and call it a day.

No more. I will start school and work soon and I really need to start pinching my pennies. I decided I will prepare meals ahead of time and just warm them up as needed,on the go. My first meal-Tamales.


They turned out as good as tamales could while missing a key ingredient. I was on the phone gossiping with Janell and forgot to add the shortening to the masa which means the dough stayed soft. Thinking quickly I threw them in the oven for 45 min. after steaming them for 90 min. That seemed to help them.


This particular batch is black bean and cheese. I also made green chili chicken.

Then I did my first attempt at home preserving. I made tomatillo salsa.


Since I live alone and have no friends I decided two 500mL jars would be plenty. They came out perfect and was much easier than I imagined. All that procrastinating for nothing. I found my new hobby.


I think over the weekend I will jar stuff. This weekend I will work on chocolate raspberry sundae topping.

Who likes stuff?


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