This post contains spoilers of fun.

Recently I watched Doctor Who ‘Survival’. This was actually one of the original Doctor Who episodes I loooooved as a kid. The opening scene is an ordinary man washing his car, much like you and I. He is suddenly lurked at and stalked by an evil hissing cat. I believe most shows and movies should begin this way.

I remember being incredibly obsessed with felines as a child. From Heathcliff to cat calendars to dressing like a cat every Halloween. My family was too poor to take me to see Cats but I knew all about it. Talking cats. I was lucky enough to be a child at a time when people were fascinated by the year 2000. There were many movies and stories based on this post-apocalyptic world where kids carried grenades and in some radiation accident people and house cats mixed creating wild cat people.


(You can read about the actually storyline for Survival here)

Cat people!!!!!

I also enjoyed the many shots of a real cat simply licking it’s paw or laying around as creepy suspicious music plays in the background. It made me wonder…



Anyways another great thing about Survival was Ace, the seventh doctors (Sylvester McCoy) companion. Survival first aired in 1989 so I got to see it in maybe 1990-1991? Anyways I was a pre-teen at the time and so Ace was the perfect companion. A sassy teenage girl from London with a violent past and no romantic interest in the Doctor at all!

I mean,seriously, who would like an old stuffy white dude who is slightly vacant and always up in other peoples biz-ness? *points to self*


(The site this pic came from also has hella Doctor Who toys for sale. I am just saying, since the holidays are not too far away..)

So you have cats, cat people, cat people riding horses, teenagers that almost become cat people that eat normal people for dinner, and so forth.

There is also a storyline. It is about cats.


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