School and Shalome

I have been in school 95% of my life and all I got is this lousy chihuahua. I would prefer to make money somehow but until I get an idea about what I am good at I will continue to go to school. I usually choose classes that take place after noon,saving my morning for hangovers and poops. I didn’t have an option this semester, my classes begin at 8am and so I have to be up by 6:15am. This does not make me very charming.


I am not sure what this is or was. Some sort of bug that died a while ago and dried or molted or something but everyday I come home to this thing greeting me on my porch. At it will continue to greet me until a rain or heavy wind carries it away. I know how Barty the beetle feels.

I am doing the same thing I started doing when I was 8 yrs. old. Sitting in front of someone, taking notes. I hope the rains of employment or the winds of a zany adventure are in my forecast.

I need a job or a better hobby.


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