Cooking Adventure: Jarring pickles

I love pickles. A lot. Here is a little secret I rarely share. Not too long ago, while hanging out with Ryan, your dear friend Shalome ate a whole jar of pickles. To herself. In one night. A whole jar.

I love pickles so much I decided to make my own. There is never enough pickle spices in a jar for my taste.


The pickle preserving process is much easier than I imagined. There is no cooking prior to jarring. Just boil the liquids and add them to all the greatness in the jars. I used an online video instead of my handy book of preserving so I was nervous. One problem I faced was getting the jars to properly seal. After a long steaming process they closed but I am still a bit wary. Lets wait till it’s test time.


I ended up with six jars of these things, a few I will surely pawn off on Amie. So far I am proud of all my jarring/canning/preserving success.


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