Don’t ask me fo’ shit


I began tutoring last week and I learned something, I am an idiot.

Some things I just know but I don’t know how I know. For example, Mr. S, my student, wrote the line “Communicating is good advice for a every person.” I could not explain why he did not need the ‘a’ in that sentence. He added a in many non a needing places. He was also big on commas. I knew how to explain the use of commas but not a’s. I also have no clue what a preposition is.

It becomes sad when the person you tutor needs assistance and you are busy looking in a dictionary and staring at the ceiling biting your nails. This is why I can never become a teacher, politician, or anyone else that must explain things. I know what I know but don’t ask me how.

Even at parties when a simple political view is being discussed I run away. I am liberal in the way that I think taxes are good because I think most people are like me and would spent their money on purses rather than give it to the city to fund after school programs or fix streets. I can’t/won’t argue this because it is just my personal opinion.

I studied Sociology for lord knows how many years yet if you asked me to explain it I would either ramble on about nothing for an hour or stare at you like a lost child.

I am not sure why or how but some things are just in my brain, and if you are lucky they will stay in there.


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