Cooking Adventure: Gumbo

Now that it is freezing cold out it’s that time of year for soups and stews. I blame the 10 lbs I gained last year on my love of stew.But I don’t care anymore, I have a companion that enjoys my curves and I have been buying bigger sweaters to hide my imperfections while in public.

Anyway my first soup of the year is GUMBO!!!

This is a fun soup to make. First you make the stock


Then you make the roux…


Then you add stuff and then you let it cook.

Making gumbo makes me soooooo happy. I have had a complicated few weeks full of craziness. You see, I have this boyfriend kinda guy and he seems to think that my insane rants are not as adorable as I do. I think I am hilarious, he thinks I am scary at times. When I am feeling misunderstood I tend to eat my feelings. That’s where the gumbo comes in. Being in your pajamas at 3pm isn’t so sad when you have a delicious bowl of gumbo to keep you company.


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