Adult Stuff

I have recently become engaged in an adult relationship and I am stoked. I am also not quite prepared. As a little Shalome I have always wanted to get married, have a family, and a cute little house somewhere quiet.


(pic taken here)

Before any of this happens I knew I needed to gain a mate, get a job, and most of all think of others.

I am currently in a very Shalome-centric world where my needs are the most important and any relationship I have I am easy to brush off if it doesn’t fit. Compromise has been difficult. I spent many years in many toxic relationships which turned me into a bitter hag. I have built up this me against the world persona (thanks Tupac).

But now that has all changed. Not only am I allowing another person into my world I also have to be open to any crazies and jerk offs he has in his life. I have to accept this isn’t another episode of the Littlest Hobo, Davy and I won’t be hopping on the next train outta here once our adventure is done.

This is a good thing right? You can’t have change unless you are willing to give it as well. I guess I am now an adult.


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