Last year I learned that if you want to look cute in a picture say the word “prune” as you smile.

Yesterday I learned that my photographic smile is scary. I have tried to ‘prune’ it up but I end up looking like I kissed a vacuum. It is a nice distraction from my widening waistline. Not that I worry about weight, if I did I would create a diet that didn’t involve bacon and booze. I just find it odd that every year my shirts and pants keep shrinking.

Anyways, back to my face.


I was told I have a very lovely natural face. I just have a case of the crazies once a camera is thrown in front of my face. (Once, while visiting Glasgow with some friends, a waiter at the Indian food place remembered me from a year back and Amanda said “It must be Shalome’s crazyface”. The waiter said “Yes, she DOES have a memorable face”) . Memorable = crazy!

I remember asking a girl once how she looks so cute in every picture she takes and she said “practice in a mirror”. I have. Often. I look very sane when I am alone. Then I go outside and catch a reflection of myself in a car window and here comes the crazy.


I can either look normal and bored or Carol Channing bat shit crazy excited! There is no in between. So I guess I have to decide what’s better, being subtle just in case a camera is around and I don’t want evidence of my creepy side or just letting it all hang out?




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