Tis the season

It is silly when I say “I am cold and not ready for winter” and someone says “Technically it is Fall”. No it isn’t, not here. The seasons on the calender were created for cities with four seasons. Normal cities. Toronto has three seasons: Muggy Spring, Winter, and Winter part 2.

Muggy Spring:


This is from May until the end of August. I wear sandals, sundresses, bright colors and light sweaters. It is warm enough to sit on a patio and if you are lucky sunbathe. But it is still not hot enough to swim. I need it to be at least 99F (37.2 Celsius). The good this about “Toronto Summer” is that I never have to worry about getting a heat stroke and unless you have sensitive baby skin you won’t get a sun burn.The bad thing is if I don’t spend at least two weeks back home every year I will become an ugly pasty brown and as I like to say “I was born to be golden”.

Winter number 1:


This is from the beginning of September-end of October and End of March-End of April. This is rain and cold but not blizzard weather. You can wear regular boots and even Converse sometimes. From Sept-Nov it is cold, windy, and rainy but the snow hasn’t arrived. In March-May the snow on the ground is melting so you may slip. It is also dirty and muddy. I wear Uggs during this time cuz I think they are the most comfortable shoes ever!!! Plus my feet aren’t sweating. You will also need a jacket.

Winter part 2:

This is hell on earth. This last from November til March and it is as if snow was at war with people.Have you ever seen that movie Jack Frost? Not the wholesome family movie but the killer snowman Jack Frost. If you haven’t here is the trailer.

And that is Toronto Winter part 2.


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