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I don’t know Celsius. In fact, just now I had to spell check Celsius because I tend to throw in a ‘c’ where the first ‘s’ is located. Not to say I am an expert on Fahrenheit. I do know this much: anything above 90F is hot and anything below 50F is cold. The in between temperatures require a picture from the local meteorologist.

But Celsius and Canada weather is much more complicated. It always looks cold and the low numbers make me think it’s cold but on days like today it is muggy as hell. I ended up wearing a thick jacket and sweating my ass off.

On the subway ride home my classmate noticed me sweating (at least sweating more than a Mexican normally sweats) and stated “This is thin sweater weather, didn’t you watch the news?”. Yes, I did. But they were speaking mumbo jumbo to me. We came up with a plan.

The Celsius Chart


This is not the final project of course, I will add stickers and pictures of suns and clouds later. This is just to give you an idea of where I am headed with this madness.

This chart will tell me what I am in for and what to wear. I think it’s cute and shall provide me with many days of comfort.


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