Subway Etiquette

I am still getting familiar with the rules of the game. And that game is Toronto. And those rules make no sense to me.

Today I messed up. As the train pulled up and the doors open I just stood there looking for an opening as people scrambled out. This older lady saw me looking confused and said “you have to wait on the side until people get out”


Ohhhhh. I get it now. People get out THEN others get on. You see, we don’t have a subway in Sacramento but we do have an above ground train and our entering/exit system is different. When the doors open people enter on their right side while others exit on their right side. People get on and off at the same time. And of course if no one is getting on or off then more than one person can exit at the same time.

Then again we are not as populated as Toronto, not as many people rely on the train, and we have more than enough train cars.

Live and learn I suppose.


3 Responses to “Subway Etiquette”

  1. Amie Says:

    Another rule that needs to be mentioned:

    When you exit the train, KEEP WALKING. Don’t just stand around blocking the entrance and looking stupid.

    And another rule:

    If you are old, and someone offers you their seat but you don’t want it, don’t stand right in front of the person who offered their seat. It makes me look like a jerk when you start stumbling around with your walker and your foolish pride, and people will think that I didn’t offer you my seat WHEN I DID.

  2. Fred Says:

    Also it says “Let partons exit first” on all of the doors.

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