The 1990’s

I recently saw Grant-Lee Phillips on Gilmore Girls and it reminded me of his band and the 90’s. When I look back at that decade I usually have fond memories. Most people I know hate their high school years but I don’t find them too terrible. Yes, people picked on me but I also made friends with some the of best people in the world. I also enjoyed the style of the 90’s. I was poor and sloppy but that was the style so I fit in. Thrift stores were big (and all my family could afford). The rich kids even dressed poor. It was a good time. I wore giant baggy shirts to hide my lack of womanhood and luckily for me spandex was the thing of the late 80’s. My high school years (93-96) were all about dressing (and drinking) like a hobo with no consequences.

Snapshot 2009-10-25 09-59-58

Anyways back to Mr. Phillips. I remember sort of liking a Grant Lee Buffalo song and after watching Gilmore Girls I decided to you tube it.

It is complete crap. While watching this video I started feeling angry. Actual anger came out of me (teeth clenched, piercing eyes). I hate that stupid extra large dummy sweater but especially hate his dancing. This video reminded me of all those other crappy 90’s videos where the artist is trying to express extreme angst and emotion while playing mediocre music.

This video reminded me of everything I hate and blocked out of my 90’s memories. Stupid white (or in his case sorta white) people being sad towards a society which caters to them. Your video is on TV. You have fans. This is what you live for so please, fuck off.

But perhaps they do have a logical reason to be sad. Maybe they could foresee a future where Spin Doctors and Blind Melons are forgotten. A future where rappers are welcomed into homes and country singers are popular with the kids. Boy bands, high school musicals, and gays have replaced liberal college students with a guitar and a message for the world being spread one coffee shop at a time.


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